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PRESS RELEASE: Artificial Morning

Deirdre Sparboski, the Author of the new release, ARTIFICIAL MORNING, now announces that this novel reveals confidential data from Andi Healey’s private life, which is available on Kindle Edition, at a very affordable price. This thriller is an absolute must read, for people to see how little white lies can cause a lifetime of misery for self, family and others, while destroying the ones she loves. This may be fiction, but nearer to the truth is not easily found. ARTIFICIAL MORNING will make you sit up straight until you read the last word in this exciting suspense thriller, to find out how Andi’s life plays out. Click here to purchase your copy now on!

Water Safety: Complacency = Casualties

On 2 January 2019, 7News reported that there have been 46 drowning deaths over the Christmas holiday period. They noted that this toll is up from 31 the previous year. And on 27 January 2019, Royal Life Saving Australia recorded the current drowning death toll to be 82! Having increased from 53 at the same time last year. According to these stats, that means that just in the last 25 days, 36 people have drowned. That is more than one person every day.
Surely these statistics would be enough to jolt us out of a state of complacency? And yet, I frequently observe parents being over-confident in their children’s swimming abilities and blatantly disregarding the need for adult supervision. Communal complex living appears to be a high-risk area for this complacency since children are given the freedom to play in the roads within the complex together without any adult supervision. And this relaxed attitude toward supervision then extends to the communal swimming pool area as well. Many paren…
As we embark on a new year, a new blank book, there is a flurry of mixed emotions as we frantically try to set new resolutions. We solemnly promise to commit to these somewhat unattainable self-imposed expectations, while simultaneously chastising ourselves for all the previous resolutions that we failed to achieve. Sound familiar?
This year has been a turning point for me. On New Year’s Day, I received a well-wishing sms from one of my friends. The sms said: “May the New Year bring all your hopes and dreams. My New Years word is FOCUS.” This prompted me to question what my own 2019 word might be and why.
I particularly like the methodology behind this way of thinking. Instead of setting stringent goals, tied to one specific outcome, this approach is all-encompassing. It allows us to view our year ahead in a more holistic way. What do I want to achieve in all areas of my life? And rather than being a tangible goal, this is more of a mindset shift. By changing the way I perceive my year …

Copywriting and Editing Services

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Using Gratitude To Overcome Adversity

How easy it is to allow our ego to bruise our wounds even further. When we have just received an unexpected punch from life, and are desperately seeking a nurturing hand to lift us up; our ego appears with a firm palm pressing us down hard. It laughs condescendingly while repeating many discouraging affirmations: "I am a failure. I will never recover from this. My life is a total mess. I was so stupid to even have tried."

In order to bravely stand in confidence when life has knocked us down requires courage and strength. And to generate these qualities under our ego’s suffocating grip is almost impossible. However, something that is much easier to focus on is gratitude. So simplistic, yet with a magnitude that cannot be conquered. Visualise gratitude as a candle: once lit, it is used to light other candles. And within minutes, you have a whole room of brightly lit candles in every colour.

Never underestimate the hidden powers of gratitude. And it is so easy to cultivate, …

Understanding Self: Respect

In this series Understanding Self, we will unravel some very complex concepts so that we can begin to understand them and how they impact our lives. While trying to teach my three-year-old that it is important for her to respect her toys, I very quickly realised that I was trying to impress on her an abstract word that needs to be defined for it to be understood. It raised the following questions for me: How do we define respect? How are we taught what respect is? How do we cultivate self-respect as well as respect for everything and everyone around us? Defining Respect
Respect is defined as a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, quality or ability. It is defined as a personal value that causes somebody to act with appreciation, care and consideration. When defined in these simple terms, it is difficult to then understand why it is so enigmatic and rare in today’s society. Surely such a simple act of treating others in ways that show care and consideration would be a trait that …

Understanding Self: Forgiveness

In this series Understanding Self, we will unravel some very complex concepts so that we can begin to understand them and how they impact our lives.
As with most aspects of life, forgiveness pivots on duality.  It is an extremely powerful force that dissolves and transcends the constricting binds between two people. And yet, by human default, we seem to relish in the idea of desperately clutching onto feelings of bitterness, resentment and blame. Why do we enjoy this self-defeating behaviour?
Let’s begin by understanding that forgiveness is less about the physical act, and far more about the energetic transformation that occurs. The physical act of forgiveness takes a lot of courage. It means starting by telling our ego that it is no longer in control; that we choose to actively release all the negative emotions that we have been shielding ourselves with since the hurtful incident occurred. It means choosing to stop labelling ourselves as a victim; to stop needing pity; and to stop all…